solvimus becomes more sustainable – smart energy management (Part 4)

As last year already, we intend to raise our sustainability awareness in our company this year.

Admittedly, it is not easy to establish sustainability in a company. It does not convey to launch a few symbolic actions to laud the company image, but to implement as an entity a strategy aiming at a more sustainable production and management in the medium and long term

It goes without saying that energy is a topic also for us ourselves. Being one of the market leaders in meter data reading, we jump at the chance and pick ourselves as reference. In our office building a meter was installed and is permanently read for every electrical circuit, be it the desktop PCs of our staff, the server, the illumination or the microwaves. Hence, consumption can be visualised and analysed – of course without option to identify who is when grasping how much coffee. 😊

Modern LED illumination and smart lighting, which is to some extent automatically controlled depending on sunlight and presence, allows relaxed work in a non-glaring ambiance with low energy consumption.

We do not contain ourselves here, but are up for more. Our company cars have now electrical drive (Plug-in Hybrid). What is more, our office is run almost paper-free, thanks to our intelligent digital data management system. From time to time we take part in smaller campaigns such as the recycling box of NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany) under the motto “Mobile phones for bumblebees, bees and co.” Further, whether possible, we refrain from on-site customer visits and prefer online meetings. The acceptance rate for this was raised significantly on the customer side by the corona pandemic, what we appreciate as it also reduces our CO2 footprint.

Minor contributions adding up to our commitment are numerous aspects like sparkling water makers instead of water bottles, returnable packaging in purchasing or commuting by bike.

You are interested and would like to know more on our particular measures? Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and small inspirations for this topic.

You would like to use smart technology to become more sustainable yourself to contribute your share? Our sales team is glad to advise you on our possibilities at any time.

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