solvimus becomes more sustainable – Part 2

This year, we decided to become more sustainable as a company. After we presented our NABU project for recycled mobile phones, tablets & Co., we show how we are making solvimus more sustainable step by step together with our employees and how everyone benefits from this. For example, regarding company cars.


Two of our employees have a plug-in hybrid as their company car – a Volvo V60 T8 Twin Engine and a Skoda Superb. Erik Osse, from Technical Support, answered a few questions for us regarding his company car.

He has been working in the support department of solvimus for more than two years and also maintains customer projects on site. Furthermore, he drives about 45 minutes to and from the office every day. A short while ago, he had to choose a company car and made an interesting choice. Let’s ask him about it.


Erik, the way to work and the routes in support are not short ones. Why did you choose an electric car and which model do you drive?

In my opinion, everyone should contribute to climate protection. So, I am glad that solvimus gave me the opportunity to do this when choosing my company car and I decided on a plug-in hybrid. From my point of view, a pure electric care would not have been useful for larger business trips and the daily drives on the highway with regard to the current range of electric cars.

Of course, the concessional tax rate of 0.5% for electric and plug-in hybrid company cars also made it attractive.

I drive a Skoda Superb iV.


Did you drive an electric car or hybrid before?



What are your first experiences with the new company car? Are there any significant differences, e.g. in route planning for longer distances?

The plug-in hybrid does not limit me in the route planning. I think that I have a greater range than a normal gasoline-powered car. I can drive about 55 kilometres using only electric power. I can use the car’s battery for air conditioning without parking heater. That is great in both summer and winter.


Do people ask you about your company car?

Of course. When someone rides along with me, the first thing they notice is the quiet start-up. My wife’s first comment was, “It sounds like a tram”. ?


What do you think about solvimus’ decision to integrate sustainability more into the company’s daily business?

I am happy that solvimus pays so much attention to sustainability and provides its employees the opportunity to contribute to it.


Thank you for your time and have a safe trip all the time!


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