solvimus becomes more sustainable – Preservation of resources in everyday life (part 6)

Prior blog postings have already highlighted a few concepts leading to enhanced sustainability in everyday life.

Here is a wrap-up:

We have scrutinized our everyday life and consulted our solvimusians how we could attain even more sustainability or how we could act more responsibly.

More elaborate waste separation and more sustainable consumables were cited as top priority.

Our co-worker Nadine adopted the project and implemented it in no time.

As a first step, we have substituted our consumables.

Bathroom tissue, kitchen rolls and printing paper were substituted with recycled paper.
We do not limit ourselves to 100 % recycled paper, but the manufacturer should be CO2 neutral.

And instead of paper drying towels, there are now guest towels in our restrooms.

Proceeding to the second step of waste separation, we detected significant room for improvement.
We have taken the follow measures:
We have set up new waste separation systems in our lounges and cafeterias so that we can now actually separate residual waste, yellow bags, and paper. The paper bins in the offices are now strictly reserved for paper.

In an attempt to preserve water resources, we were searching for methods to use it more responsibly.
Our solution:
So called jet regulators or atomizer nozzles, which are screwed onto mixer taps and reduce water consumption by regulating the inflow.
Whereas ordinary mixer taps have a flow rate of approximately 8 litres per minute, the flow rate is dramatically reduced to 0.25 liter per minute in the atomizer mode and 1.9 litre per minute in the jet mode. The nozzle thus reduces the water consumption between 66 % and 95 % in comparison to the standard mixer tap.

water tap with diffuser

A small turn at the black lever alternates between atomizer mode and jet mode.

The investment is less than 5 € per piece and can be made at your trusted Swedish furniture store. 😉

These modifications may seem irrelevant, but within a month of testing we noted that we are more conscious and painstaking with respect to waste separation and preservation of resources. A small step for solvimus entails a large benefit for the environment!


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