solvimus… we solve.

Our claim corresponds with our company name: we solve.

solvimus GmbH was founded in 2007 and since then, the focus of our company is on the development and the distribution of solutions for your application. This is the key philosophy and appears in our company name “solvimus”, Latin for “we solve”. 

We are your solution provider for the sector Embedded Systems, communication technology and Smart Metering. Our main focus is on Smart Metering. Apart from our own products, like data concentrators, gateways and OEM modules, we also offer the development of customized solutions. Besides the actual products, we support metering projects of our customers by trainings, consulting and services in the particular premises on-site. 

MUC.easyplus data concentrator


  • 01/2004 solvimus GbR was founded, business segment: development of electronics
  • 10/2006 Move into business premises in the TGZ Ilmenau
  • 12/2006 solvimus GmbH was founded, business segment: development of electronics and automation technology
  • 10/2009 New business segment: Smart Metering
  • 07/2011 Extension of the laboratory and manufacturing facilities
  • 08/2016 Move into a new office
  • 2019 Extension of the office space

About us

The name "solvimus" is not only a Latin term. It is also the expression of our philosophy: "we solve". We are one of the leading providers of communication technology in the field of Smart Metering. With the focus on M-Bus solutions we supply embedded modules, level converter, gateways and data concentrators for Smart Metering and in addition to that, we also provide software and services.

Our slogan “metering solutions” describes our range: We are a partner for smart meters, read-out infrastructure, consulting on projects and training about M-Bus. Besides the standard products, which are also available as White-Label products, we offer our customers customization as well as new and further development. Use our competence in the matter of M-Bus and Smart Metering for your own products and services.

Investments in the future

Since 2015, solvimus is on a steady growth course. The need of regular investments is self-explaining. Mainly, we want to invest in our greatest value, the people, who work with and for us. However, this requires conventional fixed assets – material as well as immaterial – to provide the necessary tools. We are also happy to take advantage of possibilities for grants that you can find below. 

A new domicile for solvimus GmbH 


After almost 10 years, it was time for us to leave the “Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Ilmenau”. 

Thanks to the reception of our customers we reached our growth limit at our old location. In our new premises we are now prepared for the requirements of the next years. 

On the planning, we focused on the enlargement of the factory areas, energy efficiency, workplace ergonomy, increase of ESD-compliant workplaces in the production area as well as the digitalisation of internal business processes. 

New tools 


New software tools, which have regard to the company growth and the increasing digitalisation, become necessary. The increase in efficiency of operational processes caused by increasing digitalisation especially requires investments in immaterial economic goods, e. g. a DMS/Workflow system or also in a modern ERP system. 

Update: 25 September 2018 

The digitalisation proceeds increasingly faster with the result that we will rely more on cloud solution and SaaS, especially in the field of conventional ERP systems. For this purpose, we will start soon a new project in the programme “Digitalbonus Thüringen”. 

These actions were supported by the EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND.

Recruiting and human resources management


We are investing not only in new working materials and tools to support our business growth, but also in our staff, as well as recruiting new employees and strategic personnel consulting. An external consultant supports us in this process.

These actions were supported by the European Social Fund and state funds of the Free State of Thuringia.

IT grows with us - process analysis and optimization


In accordance with the advisory guidelines of the  Free State of Thuringia, we receive support to increase the performance and competitiveness by advising independent business consultants - intensive consulting and process support.

These actions were supported by the European Social Fund and state funds of the Free State of Thuringia.


The solvimus team - our main important capital…

The members of our team are creative and competent. They know how to use their knowledge and skills to inspire our clients by our portfolio. Fulfilling all tasks to the complete customer satisfaction and a service orientation at any time are the top priorities for our team. The basis of a successful cooperation and development of the company are a good balance of expertise of the different departments and the commitment of each member to contribute to the company growth.

Just get to know us personally.

solvimus_Sabine Höfer_Executive assistant

Sabine Höfer

Executive assistant

As an export representative she is responsible for the import and export of goods. In addition, she deals with accounting issues.

solvimus_Thomas Brand_CFO

Thomas Brand

Chief Financial Officer

As the lord of the numbers, he keeps a careful eye on the finances, controlling and sales and oversees our IT internally.

solvimus_Sebastian Bauer_CTO

Sebastian Bauer

Chief Technical Officer

With strategic skill and attention to the detail, he is responsible for production and quality managment.

solvimus_Remo Reichel_CTO

Remo Reichel

Chief Technical Officer

With his curiosity and his expertise, he advances particularly new developments, projects and the business segment Smart Metering.

solvimus-Dirk Bechmann-Key Account

Dirk Bechmann

Sales Representative

He is primarily responsible for the regular customer service and support on-site and is happy to address your concerns directly.

solvimus_Michelle Ertner_Internal Sales Service

Michelle Ertner

Internal Sales Service

She is your contact person for all order processes and inquiries as well as complaints. She is also happy to advise you.

solvimus_Romy Schneider_Marketing

Romy Schneider


With her creativity and organizational talent, she is responsible for our online and offline marketing activities such as events, website, social media and brochures.

solvimus_Katharina Berndt_Team assistant

Katharina Berndt

Team assistant

She takes care of the office organisation and the incoming calls. Furthermore, she is responsible for the guest care, she supports the accounting department and the event management.

solvimus-Tobias Braune-software engineer

Tobias Braune

Software engineer

As a software development engineer, he breathes intelligence into our electronics. He is responsible for the design and implementation of software architectures.

solvimus-Ahmad Warda-software engineer

Ahmad Warda

Software engineer

As a software development engineer, he supports the conception and implementation of software architectures.

solvimus-Erik Osse-support

Erik Osse

Trainee support

He will assist you as a contact person for all technical questions and support topics with help and advice. 

solvimus_Sandra Röhrig_Assistant Purchasing and Production

Sandra Röhrig

Assistant Purchasing and Production

She processes our purchase. In addition, she is responsible for the work preparation and production planning.

solvimus_Denise Orttmann_Manufacturing

Denise Orttmann


She supports us with high motivation and commitment to transfer your and our ideas into reality.

solvimus-Uwe Vogler-manufacturing

Uwe Vogler


With his dexterity, he assembles our products and is also responsible for commissioning.