solvimus becomes more sustainable – How sustainability changes the daily business (Part 3)

Admittedly, it is not easy to establish sustainability in a company. This does not mean to start some symbolic actions for the own corporate image, but to produce, to manage and to act in a more sustainable way in the medium and long term with a strategy and a fixed goal.

One thing is certain, if a company wants to act more sustainably, it cannot just decide to do this overnight and most of the work is already done. Primarily, the employees have to be involved. The basic idea is often not the problem. It is the small things, the daily routine, for which patience and understanding are required to change them into more sustainable behaviour. This begins with saving water and energy, extends to carpooling and social commitment in the region.

However, in everyday life, some discipline is needed and this is often easier to maintain this in a team than alone. Of course, clear work instructions on the subject have to be established. But it seems more important to raise awareness among the entire workforce and give friendly but firm reminders in the event of non-compliance. The company should also allow time for this, because the changeover and adoption of new behaviours can take a while for some employees.    

However, it also slows things down because you take more time for many things. Whether it is preparing and arranging joint meetings, the deliberate use of resources, the more sustainable planning of new products or the way to work and home.

At solvimus, many people use the warm months to come to work by bike. Other use carpools and meanwhile, we are switching to plug-in hybrid mobility for new company cars. This is not only good for the environment, but also strengthens our feeling of togetherness.

We are also trying to act more and more sustainably in Human Resources. On the one hand with various options for company health management. For example, a weekly workout programme, electrically adjustable desks and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. On the other hand, through a modern togetherness. Joint team events or barbecue breaks with Thuringian specialties are just one of the possibilities. 

Furthermore, we have already started some other things in the past, such as the digital acquisition of the energy consumption of our electrical devices, our smart light technology, which is controlled automatically depending on light and presence and water carbonators with tap water instead of water bottles, our participation in the NABU project and much more. Additionally, we avoid customer visits whenever possible and use Teams meeting. Here, the acceptance was extremely increased on the customer side by the Corona pandemic, what makes us happy because this way a lot of CO2 can be saved.

Overall, not that much changes in everyday life once the processes and routines are established. What does change is the good feeling that one’s work not only contributes something useful for other, but also makes life more pleasant and future-oriented for the entire environment.


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