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We are continuously adding features to our devices, aiming to provide up-to-date and contemporary solutions to your diverse use cases and projects at any time.
With our new software version we implemented new functions in our devices.  We would like to introduce these today.

Read out Modbus meters (TCP and RTU)

We have reported before about the possibility to read out Modbus meters in our blog series “MUC goes Modbus”.
Here once again the essentials as overview:
Up to now, the focus for the use of our data loggers has been on the M-Bus and wM-Bus (wireless M-Bus). Increasingly, especially for the acquisition of electrical energy, parameters and consumptions, another interface is required: Modbus offers more flexibility and a higher data rate than M-Bus.

Until now, Modbus only played a role in our products (gateways MBUS-GEM and data loggers of the MUC family) to transmit data to other systems (SCADA, PLC, BMS), but not to retrieve data from these systems.

This is changing now.

Modbus is now supported to integrate Modbus meters into our data loggers and gateways. There are two types of Modbus.

Modbus TCP is available globally on all data concentrators and gateways because each device has an Ethernet interface.

Modbus RTU is usually operated via an RS-485 interface. Therefore, this interface is available on the MUC.easyplus.

As with the M-Bus meters, the integration of the meters is done via the website of the devices.

Modbus Templates

Unlike the M-Bus, the Modbus meters cannot be scanned, but have to be added manually once.

The creation of individual meter values can be very time-consuming in projects involving many meters. The manual process to create meters can be automatised and accelerated in order to save time when commissioning.

With the so-called “Modbus templates”, you can set up templates for certain meters. This option is especially helpful if you have many meters from the same manufacturer and of the same kind, and from which you want to collect the same meter values.

This function is available for all our data loggers and our gateways.

Instance-specific reports

The web page of the device allows the automatic and manual data transmission of meter values.

The context menu allows to select a particular report instance.

Furthermore, an optional start date can be defined to transmit the history of meter data.

This function is available for all our data loggers.

Load profile recording

In industry-scale metering, the recording of load profiles and meter values must adhere to calibration law. Traditionally, a Registered Performance Measurement (RLM) is done. Precise information is revealed to both the network operator and the customer as to when and where how much electrical power is consumed.
Till the mid of the year, the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act in Germany) fee and the ability to delimit it for third-party amounts provided a powerful lever in using load profiles compliant to calibration law.

A load profile compliant to calibration law requires meters recording the power in 15-minute intervals of the network operator and save the values unalterably.
The load profile readout is slightly different from the M-Bus standard. Special commands have to be sent to the meter. Therefore, we have written a special driver for reading the load profile. The meter can be read out with the necessary software extension, load profile recording for EMH meters.

NEW: the recording of load profiles is not only available via M-Bus, but also via DLDE (IEC 62056-21/IEC 61107) and Modbus RTU. The implementation and development for DLDE was carried out with an EMH meter and for Modbus RTU with a Janitza meter.

The load profile recording is only feasible with our data concentrator MUC.easyplus.

Our information sheet provides an overview of all our software features.


Do you have special demands, further questions or would like to have more information on our software features and our products?
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