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As a company specializing in the production and sales of devices for consumption data metering, we are well aware that it is of utmost importance to our customers that we offer not only top-notch products, but along with them extensive consulting and training. Knowledge transfer is an integral part of our service, as it is only through in-depth awareness of the technology and of the application spectrum offered that our customers are able to exploit the full potential of our M‑Bus products and solutions.

We are convinced that flexible training formats are highly relevant to our customers to enable an optimum participation and the ensuing usage of the training content. We thus prefer classroom training, promoting direct interaction and personal exchange between the instructor and the participants. This can take place in the training facilities of the solvimus GmbH or at the site of the customer.
To avoid time-consuming travel, we also offer online training. Our customers are thus able to save precious time and act responsibly with respect to the environment.

Our approach is twofold in our trainings:
In an initial meeting, we ascertain the prior knowledge of the participants and determine roughly the contents of the training. We are vigilant that our training is tailored to the particular needs of the customer.  
The main focus is on practical training, alongside with the necessary theory on metering interfaces like M-Bus, wM-Bus and Modbus.
Ideally, the content of the practical training is defined by the customer himself to achieve the optimum benefit for upcoming projects and to implement the newly gained competences in daily routine.  
This initial meeting ends with an agreement on the setup of the test system for the training session.  

The second step is the training session itself.

For instance, a training for our data concentrator MUC.easyplus could comprise:

Part 1 Fundamentals:

  • Overview of the technological state of the art and applications in remote meter reading
  • Introduction to M-Bus physics and the M-Bus protocol
  • M-Bus installation requirements
  • wM-Bus in general and security profiles
  • Explication of the S0 interface and Modbus RTU
  • Application examples for all interfaces
  • Troubleshooting at all interfaces

Part 2 Practice:

  • Explication and operation of the configuration website
  • User administration
  • Configuration of the meter interfaces
  • Creation/scan of meters
  • Working with the meter list
  • Meter replacement
  • Configuring the data transmission
  • Database
  • Troubleshooting data transmission
  • Operating the device in the command line
  • Configuring mobile radio
  • Preconfiguration of the meter list
  • Firmware update and preconfiguration of the device
  • Mass deployment with our Netdiscover tool

We aim at transferring the full scope of knowledge so that our products are used both effectively and efficiently. We are certain that superior training and consulting can contribute substantially so that our customers can track at any moment consumption data by an efficient and intelligent energy management, thereby minimizing resource footprint.

Do you have questions about our training, a particular need for training, or would you like to have more information on our products?
Give us a ring under +49 3677 7613066 or drop a line via e-mail to sales@solvimus.de. Our sales team is glad to assist you! 


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