MUC goes Modbus – Read out Modbus meters (Part 1)

Up to now, the focus for the use of our data loggers has been on the M-Bus and wireless M-Bus (wM‑Bus) interfaces. Especially for meter reading, these are perfectly suitable.

Increasingly, especially for the acquisition of electrical energy, parameters and consumptions, another interface is required. Compared to M-Bus, Modbus offers more flexibility and a higher data rate.

Until now, Modbus only played a role in our products (gateways MBUS-GEM and data logger MUC family) to transfer data to other systems (SCADA, PLC, BMS), but not to retrieve data from these systems. This is changing now.

So that these meters can also be integrated into our data loggers, Modbus will also be supported in the future. There are two types of Modbus.

Modbus TCP will be available globally on all data concentrators because each device has an Ethernet interface.

Modbus RTU is usually operated via an RS-485 interface. Therefore, this interface will be available on the MUC.easyplus in the future.

As with the M-Bus meters, the integration of the meters is done via the website of the devices.
More about this in the next blog post about MUC goes Modbus


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