A second master in M-Bus, is not possible? It is possible!

Who does not know this case? There is an existing system for building automation with M‑Bus meters and a master in the form of a level converter or gateway in a PC or SPS. So far, so good.
You have the order to install an energy management system, but you are not allowed or do not want to change anything in the existing installation, and you need the data of the existing meters.

Exactly for this task we have developed the MBUS-GSLE. If the MBUS-GSLE is installed between the former master and the meters, it takes over the actual readout and thus enables the data provision, for the former master the M-Bus data as well as a remote transmission via Ethernet, to a second receiver in the form of XML or CSV data.
Optionally, Modbus TCP or BACnet/IP are also available.
In addition, shorter readout cycles can be realized, and further meter data points are available without affecting the function of the existing system.
The M-Bus slave interface is used for representing the meter data also to the former master. So, there is no collision in the M-Bus by the second master.

The MBUS-GSLE is similar in handling to our other data concentrators with all their advantages:

  • Quick setup
  • Add meters easily: press “Scan” button and you are done
  • No meter library: all meters on the market can be connected
  • Small design for DIN rail, only 3 modules width
  • Configuration via integrated web server and browser, no external software required
  • Support included, we provide help and advice until everything works properly

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us (+49 3677 7613060) or write an e-mail to sales@solvimus.de. We will be happy to advise you.

Explanation grafic to MBUS-GSLE

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