Video series new software features – Part 3: Firmware update

In the first two parts of our video series “New software functions of our M-Bus data loggers” we show you how to use the extended analysis option to analyze logged communication processes and system events and how to use the export/import function to easily transfer device configurations from one device to another other can transmit.

In this third part we demonstrate how easily a firmware update of our devices can be performed for our devices. It is now possible to do this via the website of the device. A button ‘Update firmware’ was added in the tab ‘Service’.

The progress in installing the update is indicated with a progress bar.

Thereafter, the device starts again automatically and the new software version is displayed in the tab ‘Service’ on the website of the device.

To verify that the browser does not load old websites from the cache, the versions displayed in the tab ‘Service’ and on the website should be compared. Is the website version older, the cache of the browser must be cleared, and the website must be reloaded after logging out.

The most recent firmware is available on our homepage in the Download Center or can be requested by e-mail to our support (
Please kindly respect that a downgrade to a firmware version not supporting the option of updating via the website is not recommended.

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