The solvimus focus in human resource management for 2023

As a technology company with a clear industry focus, we deal with the usual issues of a medium-sized company: recruitment, employee loyalty and strategic growth.
Further, modern approaches and topics shape our workday.
Hence, our management board agreed to dedicate HR in 2023 to the following aspects:


Our solvimusians are our asset, and inspired by our growth and the creation of new structures and processes in that year, we will persistently work on the implementation of these in the weeks and months to come. This includes employee care in the context of continual amendments, forming an integral element of change management.

The focus will be to regard the solvimusian as an individual: What are the personal aims? What preoccupies our staff within and outside the company? Do they have any fears or worries? We perceive our mission to support every individual in the optimal way and to tackle the diverse challenges as a team – both with respect to one’s tasks and on a personal level. Because the asset of the company is the team and we strive to stimulate every individual with his specific competences and strengths.

Health promotion

A sports course, fruit basket, unlimited still or sparkling water straight from the tap, 24 coffee specialties, tea, ergonomic workplaces, company health insurance & co.? We have all that!

But is this all what keeps our solvimusians healthy and fit? We will convene on a regular basis and decide what else we can do to assure their well-being at the workplace & beyond that. Our work demands less and less physical tasks, but the cognitive tasks are evolving. Issues like mental health, holistic health care and individual workshops will demand a larger share of personnel management.


Also in 2023 we as a company intend to grow. Here we embark on a clear strategy: we create positions as dictated by need and plan in the long term, sustainably – growth for the sake of growth is not our attitude!
We are well aware that we must master the particular challenges so widespread in our region: skilled labour shortage, infrastructure, competitors, but also the rising demands of candidates on their future employer must be taken into consideration.

Precisely this prompts our focus on personality: Herb Keller (CEO of Southwest Airlines) was aware: “Hire for attitude, train for skill.”. This is an allegory and implies that we seek persons with the right attitude. We have come to the conclusion that knowledge & competences can be acquired or trained, but the character of a person will remain largely unaltered. Enthusiasm, integrity, passion and exceptional curiosity unite our solvimusians and we seek talents willing to share these virtues with us.

There is a long way ahead and we are glad to welcome you on board to pave our common journey!


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