solvimus … we solve – an off-topic story from our work

Since the foundation in 2007, the focus of our company is in the development and sales of top-notch solutions in communication technology, embedded systems and in particular in Smart Metering. We define ourselves as solution provider of smart technology. This is the key philosophy and appears in our company name “solvimus”. This is Latin and means “we solve”.

We usually support the metering projects of our clients and thus provide well-fitting solutions for energy monitoring or energy management, for billing systems and building automation.
But today for a change a short “we solve”-story beyond our core competence in Smart Metering.

The executive director of our tax advisory firm, Mister Krug, gave us a call. During the small talk, we learned that craftsmen had damaged the ceiling light when disconnecting it. It is now out of service and his wife is truly unhappy about it.

Ceiling light, light, current …. that’s our thing somehow. And as we have staff skilled in craftsmanship, it shouldn’t pose a problem to fix the ceiling light.
To put in a nutshell: challenge accepted!

We thus offered Mister Krug to drop in with his lamp. A brief inspection revealed that the screw terminals for low voltage had been torn off. It was fixed within a few seconds only with silver wire and tin solder, and the lamp was fit for service again after a quick test.

Mister Krug was truly grateful and happy to have a functioning lamp again.
We, too, were glad that we could proudly help one of our partners so quickly – respecting our slogan:
solvimus … we solve. 


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