Integration of M-Bus in your portfolio

M-Bus or wM-Bus are the standard interfaces when it comes to data collection from smart meters. This data is important for energy-related assessment of properties, facilities and processes and also for the billing of consumption. Therefore, it is often necessary to collect meter data.

If you want to expand your product portfolio by M-Bus or wM-Bus interfaces, our OEM products are the perfect solution. This is an easy way to integrate the M-Bus or wM-Bus into your products. 

Alternatively, we offer our partners to obtain our solutions as White Label products.

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M-Bus solutions for OEM customers

Our OEM modules offer the opportunity to integrate the M-Bus into your product in a cost-efficient and flexible way and without worrying about the physical interface. The robust and powerful driver stage is able to reliably drive even high-capacity loads (for e. g. long cable length).

For the development of your own products, we offer OEM modules, a communication stack and know-how. For this, we provide a design-in support specially coordinated for you up to a product-specific adaption.

Standardized UART interfaces with and without galvanic isolation as well as the integrated generation of all voltages ease the integration into your design considerably.

But there is more to it than just the physical interface. The M-Bus has its own protocol. For simplifying the implementation, we are also offering convenient communication stacks for our OEM customers.
These pieces of software are working according to EN 13757-3. The whole pacakge consisting of the modules and the software speeds up getting familiar with the M-Bus. The integration will be much more efficient.


solvimus_product_MBUS-M13-S OEM module

The compact master level converter UART (TTL) to M-Bus for THT mounting. This module can be mounted on a base board by simply pin headers. The power supply is 24 VDC and the M-Bus voltage are generated directly on the module. The module provides a galvanic isolation and a short-circuit protection.

You can find a concrete recommendation for the use of our MBUS-M13 S module by Texas Instruments. Here you can see a section of the application note.