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Further M-Bus components

Typical devices for the M-Bus are level converters or the meters
themselves. There is a rising market for additional system
components which are pushing the benefits and the coverage of the
M-Bus technology. Such components also complete our portfolio.

Product overview

Further M-Bus components

We are using modular building blocks for creating different devices for DIN rail mounting with footprint of 3 modules width.

There are diverse custom-specific components. One device we are offering as a standard device is the MBUS-REP. It is a repeater for the M-Bus and reconditions the signal like typical repeaters are doing. As a result, larger networks and longer distances can be used and a higher number of meters can be connected to the M-Bus. It combines a slave interface to the logical bus master on the one site and an own master interface to the slave or meters on the other side. The data is transparently transmitted in both directions. As a repeater powers its subnet, the physical load of the logical master is clearly reduced.

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Repeaters serve as signal booster to transmit the communication signals over long distances. Thus, extended ...

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