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M-Bus level converters

Our M-Bus master level converters are directly attached to a
control system or any other kind of host system. In combination
with a software module for the M-Bus master, this is the easiest
way to get the communication running.

Product overview

Level converter for the M-Bus

These devices can be installed and configured impressively easy: The host system is the only thing that needs to be configured. All the settings are automatically recognised by the level converters. Integrated status LEDs show the operational state.

All the devices of the serie PS are interfacing the M-Bus to a RS-232 port at the host system. 

There are further level converters. For remote applications, the MBUS-GE20V / MBUS-GE80V are the best choice. After configuring the network and the serial port settings they are ready for connecting the M-Bus directly to a TCP/IP socket. 

For mobile applications as well as for field service the best option will be the MBUS-PU3. It is a compact level converter for host systems with an USB interface and an installed software specialised for the M-Bus communication.

Our level converter:



The compact master level converters for 6, 32 or 64 unit loads for converting RS-232 to M-Bus and back. Designed ...

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MBUS-PS125 / MBUS-PS250 / MBUS-PS500

The powerful master level converters for up to 500 unit loads for converting RS-232 to M-Bus and back. Designed ...

Download Manual


The compact master level converters for 20 or 80 unit loads for transparent transmission of M-Bus via Ethernet. Designed ...

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M-Bus communication via USB The ultra-compact master level converter for 3 unit loads for converting USB to ...

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