Our team interview with Tina & Alex

For today, we have invited two co-workers: Tina & Alex.

They both began working here in May in our manufacturing department and agreed to the traditional solvimus-style presentation of questions & answers on their first weeks as solvimusians. To inject an entertaining touch, they do not reply for themselves, but for each other.

To start with: describe each other in two sentences, at most. 

Tina: “Alex is incredibly helpful, open-minded, friendly and a true workaholic. Just standing around is not his thing at all.“

Alex: „Tina is a calm person, but eager to learn and willing to address new tasks.“


How long have you been part of the solvimus team?

Alex: (like a pistol shot) „Tina joined us on 15 May.“

Tina (thinking):“ I recall that you were here already when I was a probationary employee, but strictly, this was never a topic so far… „

Alex: „I took up work here before you did, on 02 May. But only because the first of May was a holiday.“


What is each other’s mission in the company?

Tina: (laughing) „Alex is the guard of Gate 3. He is often in the outgoing goods department, working on the final assembly of the MUC.easyplus 4G. And just recently, he surprised me how skilled he is in soldering.“

 Alex: „Tina is active in all areas of manufacturing – from assembly to commissioning and shipping preparations. Only at Gate 3 you won’t find her – this is my hobbyhorse.“


What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Tina: „Phew, Alex is among the first to drop in … I guess by saying: he gets his coffee and refills his huge water bottle.“

Alex (laughing & nodding): „And I clean the coffee machine, should I be here before Sabine does. But how you start the day, I can only guess… Perhaps with changing your clothes?“


What is the biggest challenge in your work?

Tina: „I think it would be a challenge for Alex if our longest-serving co-workers Sandra and Denise were not here, and he’d have to organize all tasks and all the work on his own. For that, we are still too wet behind the ears.“

Alex: „Tina has tackled diverse tasks and learned a lot – I think she would be out of her comfort zone when asked to solder, as she has never done that so far.“


What is your favorite product of solvimus and why?

Tina: „A customer-specific data logger, as it is so nice to assemble. This is simply intuitive and handy.“

Alex: „The MUC.easyplus 4G. The look of the device is appealing, merging into a single concept, it manages everything, and even more so as “BundesMUC” in its box.“

What makes the manufacturing team so special for you?

Both, simultaneously: „The family-like relationship!“ (both laughing)

Alex: „That’s just the way it is! From day one, we have a casual and relaxing atmosphere and collaborate perfectly.“

Tina: „Right, as if we had known each other for years.“


What bothers you about your team?

Again simultaneously. „Nothing!“


If you could change one thing, what would you change at solvimus?

Tina (smirking): „A canopy for the smokers would be nice.“

Alex: „I would appreciate bike leasing or job bikes. I am sure some co-workers would join.“


What’s your personal motivation at work?

 Alex: „That I know for what I work and which difference I make for the company.“

Tina: „That I see at closing time what I have achieved that day, and how our products come to light.“


How do you envision solvimus in 2030?

Tina (laughing): „Hopefully not from the outside! I believe that the company will grow and that we will have more space.“

Alex: „I am convinced that we will be at the top of Smart Metering, still in 2030. Of course I also hope that our growth will persist, but not too fast, so that the family mindset prevails. And I am looking forward to Mallorca 2025!“

DearTina, dear Alex, we are happy that you are part of the solvimus team!


The interviews of our other colleagues and our teams are on the blog page under the category team.

If you are interested in paving new ways with us and want to become a member of our team, contact us at duzaehlst@solvimus.de.  
Here you find our career page. 


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