Our interview with Doris Löhn

Since March, Doris is the assistant and “good soul” of our Human Resources department, and also supports in administrative tasks.

She was courageous and was willing to respond to our questions on her personality and her tasks at solvimus:

Doris, how did you get to know solvimus?

First, I was curious where a former co-worker, how is now again my co-worker, is employed.
Benefitting from modern media, I found her on the homepage of the solvimus GmbH. The homepage simply absorbed me. The image film posted there is brilliant.
I recall thinking: It would be great to work there. And now I’m here.

Job interviews are the one thing – what prompted your decision to opt for solvimus?

Regarding the job interviews:
I was involved in job interviews already in my prior position, and being invited to a get-to-know-you meeting struck me. But then it became clear to me:
It was a charming encounter – as if talking to friends.
At the second job interview I was asked if I could imagine working for solvimus. I would have liked to have answered yes immediately, skipping the time slot for second thoughts 😊.

How was your first week at the company? How was your onboarding?

My first week was very exciting. After more than 20 years with my prior employer, everything was new to me – the persons, the workplace and in part also the tasks assigned to me.

I was given a heartfelt welcome by everyone, and I was sure after just a few weeks that I had made the right decision to join solvimus.

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I check my emails, and if the conference rooms are tidied up, and then of course the daily planning is my function as assistant.

How do you explain your family what you are doing at solvimus?

I am entrusted with tasks for the personnel management, I support the administration, and every now and then I can let slip in my creativity in marketing. 
Every day is intriguing and challenging. Myself being my most fervent critic, I strive to accomplish everything in a very stringent and well-structured manner. My soul as accountant pops up there.

What do you think do all solvimusians share?

The desire to advance and expand solvimus on the global market, jointly and with both economic and strategic wisdom, respecting sustainability.
Mutual respect and appreciation are virtues we live up to. The interaction within the team is immaculate (as one of our executive directors would phrase it). 😊

Work is but half of the lifetime. What is your favourite leisure-time activity?

Reading, knitting, going for a stroll, listening to music, surfing on Instagram and travelling in Switzerland.

To sum up, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as employer to your friends?

I enjoy working there.
The rest can be found in the blog postings and on our career page under the heading “What we offer to our employees”. This hits the nail.

Dear Doris, we are glad you are part of solvimus and enrich our personnel management with your long-time expertise.



The interviews of our other co-workers can be found on the blog site under the category Team.

If you are interested in paving new ways with us and want to become a member of our team, contact us at duzaehlst@solvimus.de.  
Here you find our career page


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