M-Bus communication via USB – our MBUS-PU3 level converter

Service technicians must check meters, parameterise them or diagnose errors. A mobile solution would ease their workflow. As RS-232 is only rarely available on mobile devices classical level converters for M-Bus are no longer an option. USB is the de-facto standard for mobile usage.

Our level converter MBUS-PU3 is best suited for service tasks and for temporary readout. This extremely compact level converter for 3 unit loads converts from USB to M-Bus and thus enables the direct communication between meters and mobile devices like laptop or mobile phone. The power supply is assured via USB port.

The MBUS-PU3 is marginally larger than a common USB stick and fits in every trouser pocket and in every toolbox. It is at your fingertips at any moment.

This video demonstrates how you can get the MBUS-PU3 up and running in 4 steps:
• Install driver
• Install M-Bus software
• Connect meter via M-Bus
• Readout meter and / or parametrise

Let our sales department advise you on our MBUS-PU3 under +49 3677 7613066 or by e-mail to sales@solvimus.de.


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