Goodbye MBUS-PS20/80

We say farewell to our serial level converters MBUS-PS20 and MBUS-PS80.

In view of the situation that our supplier of the housing has announced its end of life, and that the D-Sub male plug is no longer “up to date”, the production of both models comes to a close. Our two serial M-Bus-Master level converters were from the very beginning loyal companions in our activities in Smart Metering, for more than 10 years.

But of course, we do not simply discontinue our production without offering an alternative to our customers. Our MBUS-PS32 able to handle 32 unit loads is an adequate alternative to the MBUS-PS20. It is also well suited for the direct connection to a control system or a host system to the M-Bus. Combined with an appropriate M-Bus-Master software, this is the classical form and the simplest implementation of M-Bus communication. The MBUS-PS32 impresses by the ease of commissioning without configuration. Setting the parameters is done directly and exclusively at the interface of the host system. The integrated status LEDs reveal the operational state. It is equipped with screw terminals instead of a D-Sub male plug.

An alternative to the MBUS-PS80 is already under way. We will disseminate information on it soon. At present, we still have a remainder of stock of the MBUS-PS80. This can be ordered from our sales department at or +49 3677 7613066.

We want to finish with an excursion on the history of the MBUS-PS20/PS80:
The pilot series was manufactured in 2010. It was intended as a sort of evaluation board for our first M-Bus module MBUS-M10 (a predecessor of the present M13 module). That way we wanted to provide connectors for the power supply, RS-232 and M-Bus to our electronics developers. We then noticed that many of our customers prefer to acquire a full device and consequently, we designed the module into the circuit board which, up to then, was a mere support of the board for the modules M10/M13.
Thus originated our level converters.


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