An interview with our sales team

In our new interview series, we not only introduce our great team, but our team introduces itself to each other and gets to know itself even better.

The first interview is with our sales team Dirk and Mareike. It is not quite that easy for both of them because they have to answer the interview questions each other. In this way, we learn some interesting things. Here we go.


Why did you choose each other as a team?

Mareike: Very simple. We are the sales team – Dirk is the sales representative and I am the back office. There is no other choice. *laughs*


Dirk, how long have you been part of the solvimus team?

Mareike: Since 2007.

Dirk: Since 2017!

Mareike: Oh, that’s what I mean! *laughs*

And Mareike, when did you join solvimus?

Dirk: I say that Mareike has been here since 2020. First temporarily as a maternity leave replacement, but now it’s certain, she stays.


What are your responsibilities at the company, Dirk?

Mareike: Dirk manages our sales in the field. Without him, we would have no customers.

And what are you responsible for, Mareike?

Dirk: The complete documentation in the sales department. Mareike takes the customers’ orders, assists me… What else do you do?

Mareike: Um, that’s a good question.

Dirk: You like to talk on the phone, what I like very much. That isn’t so self-evident today. In fact, we also get information more quickly than if we would always write e‑mails. This is a real blessing for the sales force!


Describe yourself in one sentence! We start with Mareike.

Dirk: She is always helpful, hardworking, fast, likes to be in the office and her heart is in the right place.

And how would you describe Dirk in one sentence?

Mareike: Good-humoured, self-confident, Dirk.


What is the first thing Dirk does in the office in the morning?

Mareike: He’s getting coffee! *laughs*

And Mareike?

Dirk: The first thing, Mareike talks about, is the road condition between her home and Ilmenau or the challenges of taking her children to kindergarten.


What’s the biggest challenge in your work, Mareike?

Dirk: Difficult question. Always writing everything down to the smallest detail, for example, taking notes in our telephony tool.

And for Dirk? What do you think, Mareike?

Mareike: I’m more the „talker” than the writer.
The current challenge for Dirk is that he can’t be so often directly at the customers’ offices because he likes to be there, he is excellent at it.


What is your favourite product of solvimus and why?

Mareike answers for Dirk: The MUC.easyplus because it can do so much and it is somehow his baby.

Dirk: But I have to say quite clearly that I wasn’t involved in the development. I just accompanied it from the beginning and always said that it would be one of our top sellers.

And for Mareike?

Dirk: The PS20. This is a level converter. It used to be a niche product but now we are even unable to deliver from time to time. It’s great how this has developed.


What makes the team so special for you, Dirk?

Mareike: You can talk about everything.

Dirk: That’s my opinion, you think?

Mareike: Yes?!

Dirk: I think Mareike would say the short distances!


What bothers you about your team?

Mareike answers for Dirk: Nothing in our team. But in general, when someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for something.

Dirk: …or wants to ensure something too much and then prefers to do nothing. That’s rare but it does happen sometimes.

My answer for Mareike would be if someone communicates with too terse words.

Mareike: Right, I don’t like inaccurate instructions..


If you could change one thing, what would you change at solvimus?

Mareike: Dirk doesn’t like unreliable statements about worst-case scenarios.

Dirk: I say the same thing. So Mareike says that too! *laughs*


What’s your personal motivation at work, Dirk?

Mareike: The personal contact to customers, colleagues and people.
Oh yes, and chocolate! Dirk definitely likes chocolate!

And Dirk, what’s Mareike’s motivation?

She just enjoys being at the company. It’s a great place to work. 



Thank you very much for the entertaining interview. We are happy that you’re a part of solvimus!


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