solvimus is growing – our new large outside terrace

In early 2020 we reported on the extension of our office and production space, comprising an additional
390 m2 . Two years on, we already got used to it and have exploited the newly acquired space to the point that we have to admit: it is already getting a bit cramped. 😉

But something makes a difference for sure – our large outside terrace with an area of 100 m2, accessible from our cafeteria.

The installation was finished at the end of last year, and as spring brings a lot of sunshine, we are ready to use it.
We have assembled everything to complete our lounge in order to even better enjoy our get-togethers. 

For a meeting in between or for relaxed chatting during lunch break: this is the place to exchange ideas outdoors, to conceive ideas, discuss projects or simply relax and enjoy the sunrays to even better pursue work with fresh energy and drive.

What is more, our terrace is ideal for our 45-minute workout every Thursday morning. We now have enough room for sports. Sports is even more fun at fresh air.

We are grateful to our personal trainer Cathleen from ‚Fit with Schmidt‚, Ilmenau.

Drop in and inspect our new locations.
The next good occasion is the 14th Technology afternoon on 30 June 2022.
Attend savvy presentations and case studies, and explore our large outside terrace at a cosy get-together with delicacies from Thuringia.

PS: in our upcoming blog post, we will reveal more on construction work at our site. Stay tuned to be updated.


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