Our new colleague Stefan Borger in an interview

Stefan Borger is already 13 weeks in our company.
He answered some questions about himself and his role in the solvimus team.


Stefan, describe yourself in a movie title:

It is difficult to say considering the number of movies I have seen.
In general, I like movies with characters, who act rather unconventional, sometimes causing trouble, but bringing things to a satisfactory conclusion.


Work is only one aspect of life. What are you doing in your free time?

I have discovered water touring with the Canadian canoe for myself. If time and the weather permit, I go paddling. 
Apart from that, I play guitar and I am learning to play bass. Additionally, I am working as a sound technician in a club in Ilmenau.


How did you take notice of solvimus GmbH?

Actually, I was looking for components for home automation. So, it was more by chance and not planned. On the website of solvimus, I found the vacancy as a software developer. The rest of the page made me curious and I just decided to apply.


Why did you choose solvimus and what did you notice positively during the first contact?

The decisive factor for me was that the position sounded exciting and challenging. Because the technical requirements also fitted wonderfully, I was curious and applied. I found the company size charming. Furthermore, my way to work has become much shorter. But the job interviews made all the difference.


Your job interviews – What was the key factor in deciding to join solvimus?

In fact, I had two interviews. Beforehand, I got some time to work on an “Embedded” task and to present it during the first interview. The solution was analysed and discussed.
In the second interview, it was more about interpersonal issues. I found the kind of interviews very interesting. What I liked about the conversations was the familiarity without really knowing each other.


How was the first week at your new workplace? How were you welcomed into the new job and how has your induction been so far?

It was during the second Corona phase in January. Of course, many colleagues worked from home, so it was a quieter start. However, I was well accepted and quickly made a connection during joint conversations. There were also a few technical discussions that made you feel home, which I found quite pleasant.


What do you like the most about your work at solvimus? What is not so great?

I think the focus on Smart Metering is very good because you can work for longer periods on a product over a longer period and also have the opportunity to develop it further. In general, I like the varied and interesting tasks. My colleagues are helpful and attentive. And the flat hierarchies make it much easier to work together. At the moment, I cannot say what I do not like that much. I am very satisfied.


How do you explain to your grandmother what you do exactly at solvimus?

That is not so easy. As a so-called Embedded Developer, I am currently programming and integrating software components such as communication protocols, which are used in our devices. I also work on the operating system and the build system (the software component, which is responsible for creating the operating system).


Why do you like working at solvimus GmbH? (approx. three reasons)?

    • Flat hierarchies and short communication channels make work easier.
    • I like the variety, exciting tasks and sometimes also a challenge.
    • The whole working environment, friendly colleagues, good atmosphere


At the end, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as an employer to your friends?

Small and familiar company with a good and clear product strategy.


Dear Stefan, thank you very much for this interview and your openness.

If you are also interested in breaking new groundd with us and joining our team, then contact us at bewerbung@solvimus.de.  
Click here to go to our career page


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