Our new colleague Sarah Theresa Apel in an interview

Sarah Apel has been working at the company for 13 weeks now.
She answered a few questions on her personality and her tasks at solvimus.


Sarah, describe yourself with a film title:

If Taika Waititi were to make a film of “Brave” (Merida) from Disney, that would be me.


Work is but half of the lifetime. What is your favorite leisure-time activity?

I adore baking and do so frequently. And then share the cake with my co-workers. I also work in an honorary capacity with the ice hockey club in Erfurt and in the IEK (Initiative Erfurter Kreuz). Time permitting, one can find me at the cinema.


What grasped your attention to the solvimus GmbH?

My prior position in counselling for solvimus.


Why did you decide for solvimus, and what left a positive impression at first contact?

I opted for solvimus because the virtues and aims of the company closely match my own, and thus I can identify myself with it.

I perceived very positively the interpersonal conduct.


Reviewing your job interview, what prompted you to accept the offer?

I did not a classical job interview. The relaxed and goal-oriented exchange with the three managing directors made the decision pretty easy for me.


How was the first week at the company? How were you integrated into the team and how was your on-boarding?

I showed up the first day and could sit down at a highly modern and well-equipped workplace. A charming welcome package was also part of it. The peers did take their time to respond on my questions every day. Everyone was simply nice and willing to help.


What do you like the most at solvimus? What is not so marvellous?

I particularly like that we can do creative and authentic HR work. Likewise, that I am involved in many processes and projects from the first day on. But what we do need to work on is our meeting culture. For example, to begin and finish on time. 😉


How do you explain your grandmother what you are doing at solvimus?

I serve as interface between marketing, HR and the management, and strive that our communication is authentic both inbound and outbound, and that we seek a healthy growth.


Why do you enjoy working for the solvimus GmbH? (approximately 3 reasons):

  • Because I love self-determined and creative work
  • Because I am involved in projects from start to finish
  • Because I can actively shape the growth and the virtues of the company … and we have fantastic coffee


To sum up, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as employer to your friends?

solvimus is a fair, transparent and modern employer that makes many things possible for its employees and always tries to keep its finger on the pulse. There is just a great climate that allows everyone to be who they are. We appreciate the diversity and the different personalities in our team.


Dear Sarah, thank you for this interview and your frankness.


The interviews of our other colleagues and our teams are on the blog page under the category Team.

If you are also interested in breaking new groundd with us and joining our team, then contact us at bewerbung@solvimus.de.  
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