Our new colleague Maik Holstein in interview

Today, we have Maik Holstein in our interview!
Maik, who joined us on 01 November, has debit to credit running through his vein, and he thus is the perfect addition to our financial department.

He answered a few questions on his personality and his tasks at solvimus:

Maik, describe yourself with a film title:

I’d enjoy being like Leo DiCaprio in ‚The Wolf of Wall Street‘ or Christian Bale in Batman, but realistically I am closer to ‚Robin Hood‘. I have a very pronounced sense of justice…

Work is but half of the lifetime. What is your favourite leisure-time activity?

The 3 big F: family, friends and football! I had been active for many years & this never lets one go again. In summer one can find me in my private garden.

What grasped your attention of the solvimus GmbH?

During my continuing education I took a closer look at the companies in our region and was intrigued by the vacancy for the buyer at that time. This sounded so promising that I kept solvimus in my search perimeter and was waiting to jump at an occasion. Then, the vacancy for controlling was online & the rest is history.

Why did you decide for solvimus, and what left a positive impression at first contact?

Already at the first interview I was positively surprised by the time spent by the directors for the interview, and how casual, open and relaxed the atmosphere was. The liking prevailed also in the second interview, and combined with the many benefits and the tangible wit of each individual solvimusian, this has set the swing of the pendulum.

How was your first week at the company? How were you integrated into the team and how was your onboarding?

All were very friendly, offering advice, and open-minded towards me. My onboarding was well-structured and challenges me without overstraining me. I am free to ask questions at any time, the reasoning behind it is revealed and I was quickly authorized to work independently.

What do you like most at solvimus? What is not so marvellous?

+: (laughing) That I have the shortest distance to the coffee machine!

Fun apart, the ergonomic workplaces are superb & the office spaces are attractive. My tasks are interesting and diverse & they cross the borders of traditional controlling.

-: (thinking it over for a long time): documentation is not my buddy, but is part of the job.

How do you explain your mother what you are doing at solvimus?

I track payments & expenses and I mind that the company has always enough funds to realize its plans and objectives.

Why do you enjoy working for the solvimus GmbH (approximately 3 reasons):

  • The challenges in the daily business
  • I can evolve both professionally and personally
  • Everyone is on a par and we do not have a single choleric person

To sum up, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as employer to your friends?

solvimus is not an average company, but a real surprise in our region. The calm exterior can be deceiving, but the ‘inner values’ are convincing.
The management has its finger on the pulse and really does a lot for their solvimusians – ranging from sport, company health insurance and company pension scheme to a monthly lunch. I am unaware of such an extent in any other company.

Dear Maik, we are happy that you are part of the solvimus team!


The interviews of our other colleagues and our teams are on the blog page under the category team.

If you are interested in paving new ways with us and want to become a member of our team, contact us at duzaehlst@solvimus.de.  
Here you find our career page.  


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