Our new colleague Frank Richter in an interview

Frank Richter has been working at the company for 10 weeks now.
He answered a few questions on his personality and his tasks at solvimus.


Frank, describe yourself in a movie title:

High Noon.


Work is but half of the lifetime. What is your favorite leisure-time activity?

Chess! I have been member of chess clubs since my adolescence and participate in competitions.


What grasped your attention to the solvimus GmbH?

I have been job-hunting last summer, found the ad at one of the large job market sites and applied there.


Why did you decide for solvimus, and what left a positive impression at first contact?

Outstanding is the fact that weak points in one’s employment history can be addressed openly; the applicant is seen as a human being. Further, Ilmenau is a magnificent region offering a high quality of life. At solvimus we are all on a first-name basis and the atmosphere is amicable.


Reviewing your job interview, what prompted you to accept the offer?

Along with the positive impression that I had already stated, the speed and simplicity of the process was impressive. No lengthy decision-making process. The position was offered to me right at the end of the job interview and I accepted it. This was unheard of as of then and I really appreciate it.


How was the first week at the company? How were you integrated into the team and how was your on-boarding?

I was welcomed warmly, with festoons and pralines. As I am new in Thuringia, they also arranged for me a set of leaflets for touristic destinations in the region. My on-boarding was positive and I got feedback from my peers within two weeks. They enquired if I feel well at work. This, too, was unknown to me from other positions.


What do you like the most at solvimus? What is not so marvellous?

I appreciate that I have control over my on-boarding. That I can organise myself and that I can bring forward proposals.

“Not so marvellous“ is not the proper wording. Demanding for me is the concept of the technical details behind the manuals. But this is also the charm of the position.


How do you explain your grandmother what you are doing at solvimus?

With smart meters, energy consumption does not need to be read any longer on the spot, but the data are captured digitally. Energy consumption and energy expenses are reduced.

Our devices (data concentrators and gateways) collect the data of the meters and send them to an energy management system. I am in charge of the manuals and other documentation for these devices.


Why do you enjoy working for the solvimus GmbH? (approx. three reasons)?

    • Flat hierarchy
    • You feel embedded and well integrated into the team
    • Many fringe offers in the company, like sports or events
    • Pleasant atmosphere, new offices, attractive furnishings, simply a place to feel well


To sum up, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as employer to your friends?

An aspiring and evolving company that offers secure employment where one is comfortable at work, with payment that reflects respect.


Dear Frank, thank you very much for this interview and your openness.

If you are also interested in breaking new groundd with us and joining our team, then contact us at bewerbung@solvimus.de.  
Click here to go to our career page


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