Our interview with Peter Schütz

Today, Peter Schütz answers to us, who is our IT administrator since mid-January.

We look forward to his replies. And here we go …

Peter, how did you get to know solvimus?

I have known you for a longer time. The first contact with solvimus was about 15 years ago at the ’embedded world’ trade fair. At the time, I worked as embedded software developer and talked to Remo as we knew each other from Ilmenau.

Over the course of time, I observed the growth of the company. I learned that two of my prior co-workers work at solvimus, which sparked me to search job offers on the homepage when I was searching a new position myself. Right on time: solvimus was recruiting an IT admin and a software developer. The two are a match to me. I applied in no time.

Job interviews are the one thing – what prompted your decision to opt for solvimus?

I had two job interviews. The first one was for the position as software developer. But we all agreed quickly that this wouldn’t be the right thing for me.
Nonetheless, the position as IT administrator enticed me, and the second job interview started out where we had stopped before.
Both job interviews were very appealing and much time to dedicated to get to know each other.

As I was searching actively for a new position, I ended up with 3 job offers (including solvimus). In the end, I opted for solvimus as the working environment and atmosphere and my future tasks meet my profile best.

How was your first week at the company? How was your onboarding?

Regrettably, my peer for onboarding was sick the last week before my start date and the first week thereafter, and thus I largely had to onboard myself, which didn’t bother me at all. Being admin, I can implement much on my own, e.g., set up my own PC.
I do know that solvimus works differently as a rule – well structured.

In the first weeks, I had to familiarize myself with numerous new systems, which is perfectly fine. Keeping the grey matter engaged is crucial. 😊

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Cranking up the PC. Reading e-mails. And then search new notifications regarding security holes in the Internet.

What is the biggest challenge in your work?

That is our data management system Agorum. It is a universal system and highly complex. A certain amount of time must be dedicated to master it, to get to know relevant functions and the options offered by the system.

Tell us about your tasks with us!

In a nutshell: IT stuff 😂

That means: updating systems, user support (I am right on the spot if my co-workers are confronted with problems), documenting the usage of our systems, identifying weak points and improving IT security: a lot is left to be done and much to be documented.

Work is but half of the lifetime. What is your favourite leisure-time activity?

Biking and … *reconsidering* … biking – from the racing bicycle to the mountain bike.
Last year, I covered a distance of approx. 6 500 km, all bikes combined.
Other than that, I work around the house & garden and I am active in municipal policy, being a member of an impartial voters’ association.

To sum up, how would you describe the solvimus GmbH as employer to your friends?

solvimus is a modern employer. A very pleasant working atmosphere prevails and the equipment is superior. That makes a big difference in being able to work well and have fun at work, especially as IT admin.

Dear Peter, we are glad you are part of solvimus.



The interviews of our other co-workers can be found on the blog site under the category Team.

If you are interested in paving new ways with us and want to become a member of our team, contact us at duzaehlst@solvimus.de.  
Here you find our career page


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