Interview of our student intern Cherny

In the last two weeks we had our first student intern of the year, Cherny Schill.
He attends the ninth class in the Jenaplan School, lives in Suhl and commuted both to and from us each day by bus for one and a half hour to gather his first hands-on experience.


Dear Cherny, how did you experience your time with us?

I appreciate the time with you, but the time has passed too fast. I felt integrated into the team both at the workplace and during the breaks. My peers Denise, Sarah and Tobias were there for me at any instant and took their time to explain whatever was needed.

Which departments did you get to know?

I worked in the manufacturing department, and the first day already I independently drilled, programmed and assembled 20 metering devices. In R&D, I got to know programmes to edit software and collaborated with an own little project which I could take home.

What did you enjoy most?

This is hard to tell. Both departments are interesting as one can work on practical issues. This is what I favour most.

What are your intentions for your career path?

First, I intend to graduate from school with a certificate comparable with the British GCSE, and then finish my secondary education. Once I have achieved that, I’d like to proceed to an apprenticeship to be qualified as an IT specialist for application development.

What will you tell your schoolmates about working with us?

solvimus is a company both neat and modern, and also viable. The co-workers are courteous and open-minded, and one can hear laughter quite often. Everyone was very nice to me and I would really love to return one day.


Thank you Cherny, for the trust your placed in us, and that you were here! It would have been hard to find a better intern than you, and we are eager to know where your journey will take you.


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